Military Order of Devil Dogs

The Military Order of the Devil Dogs is the fun and honor society of the Marine Corps League.

Main Purpose

Promotes good fellowship amongest the members of different Marine Cprps League Detachments. The order provides amusement and entertment at all gatherings of the League, when and where advisable, preserves and strengthens the principles and ideals of the League, maintains true allegiance to the United States of America and its Constitution and laws. It fosters and extends American institutions of freedom and defends America against all ememies foreign and domestic. The Order is also very active in raising funds for childrens hospitsals, and associated charities.

Who Belongs

The Military Order of Devil Dogs is maide up only of Members of the Marine Corps League. The Order only accepts the most worthy of League Members.

How to Join

You must be a paid up member in good standing in the Marine Corps League. The applicant must be active in his/her Detachment in the League, and must request membership in the Order. He/she must be recommended by the Detachment Commandant and be sponsored by two Devil Dogs or Pdeigreed Devil Dogs. The applicant is then interviewed by the members of the Pound at a Pound Growl (a meeting is called a Growl ). If accepted, the applicant must undergo an initiation and swearing in ceremony.


The Pound is on a local level and is usually made of members of different Marine Corps League Detachments. On the State level there is the Pack, and on the National level there is a Kennel. There are three degrees in the Order. The lowest degree is that of a Pup. The next degree is that of a Devil Dog. The highest degree is that of a Pedigreed Devil Dog. The Pup wears a Black  Ribbon, the Devil Dog wears a Red Ribbon, and the Pedigreed Devil Dog wears a Gold Ribbon. The ribbon is worn around the neck and a Dog Tag is attached to it.

The head of the Pound is called the Pound Leader. The head of the Pack is the Worthy Pack Leager. The head of the Kennel is also the head of the Devil Dogs and is called Chief Devil Dog.

The Order's many Charitable donations not only help people in need, but also build good public relations for the Order, the League, and the United States Marine Corps.

New England Division

Vice Chief Devil Dog

PDD Cherie Monnell

(c) 207- 752-0025

Maine Pack Officers

2024 - 2025

Worthy Pack Leader: PDD - Donald Kozerow

Worthy SR Vice:  DD - Vaugh Hardacker

Worthy JR Vice: DD - Wayne Caron

Worthy Smart Dog:  PDD Charlie Paul

Worthy Dog Robber: PDD - Steve Fleming - (207) 843-0300

Worthy Dog Trainer:  DD - Jeff Igoe

Worthy Mad Dog:  DD - Dave Close

Worthy Police Dog:  DD - Paul ST Pierre

Worthy Watch Dog:  DD - Paul St Pierre

Worthy Barking Dog:  DD -  Martin Traiser

Lobster Pound #119

 2023- 2024

  Sir Pound Keeper: PDD - Charlie Paul  

  Sir SR Vice: DD - Dona St. Pierre

  Sir JR Vice: PDD - Armand Blais

  Sir Smart Dog: DD - Paul t. Pierre

Sir Dog Robber: DD - Marty Traiser

  Sir Dog Trainer: DD - Donald Mckenna

  Sir Mad Dog: DD - Dave Close

  Sir Police Dog: DD - Dave Close

  Sir Watch Dog: DD - Clifford Plourde

   Sir Barking Dog: DD - Ralph Rao

Moose Pound #255 

 2023- 2024

Sir Pound Keeper: DD - Vaughn Hardacker

Sir SR Vice: DD - Gary Bies

Sir JR Vice: PDD -  Edward Lake

Sir Smart Dog: PDD - Stephen Fleming

Sir Dog Robber: DD - Wayne Caron

Sir Watch Dog:  PDD - Donald Kozzerow

Sir Mad Dog: DD - Dennis Geiger

Sir Police Dog: PDD - Gary Soucie

Sir Dog Trainer: DD - Evin Dumond

Sir Barking Dog: PUP - Rudy St.Peter



Be a good Dog and turn in your annual report

Be a good Dog and turn in your annual report