Department of Maine Scholarship Fund

Department of Maine, Marine Corps League Scholarship fund grants a limited number of educational scholarship to qualified individuals who are pursuing full time graduate and undergraduate studies, technical training, performing arts, post secondary education only at a recognized institution in order of need and preferance as follows:

1. Spouses, children, grandchildren, great granchildren and step child of a member in good standing in a Detachment of the Department of Maine Marine Corps League may apply for a scholarshp. A member in good standing of the Marine Corps League is any member who is eligible to vote at the time of application. Recipient must be a resident of Maine.

2. Children of Marines and/ or FMF Navy Corpsman and FMF Navy Chaplain who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

3. Members in good standing of any Detachment of the Department of Maine, Marines Corps League may apply for a scholarship.

4. In the event that there is no qualified post secondary education canidates the committee will hold over the dedicated funds to the next year,to be given out in $500.00 increments.

Requirements for obtaining a Scholarship:

1. Applicant: All applications for scholarship shall be sent to the Department Adjutant which he/she will forward to the Scholarship Committee. The results of the Committee will go to the Commandant with a recommendantion from the Scholarship Chairman.

2. All applications must complete the scholarship application form and insure that all of the required supporting documentation is enclosed with the application in a single package.

3. Documentation should be assembled as enumerated below and must include:

A. A photocopy of your Student Aid Report (SAR) is required. Once you file a Free Applicatation for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form and it has been fully processed your individual expected family contribution (EFC) and other relevant financial infomation will appear on a Student Aid Report (SAR) that the Department of Education will issue to you and to the financial aid administrators of the School, Collage, or University listed on your FAFSA.

B. A letter from a representataive from the applicant's porspective School, Collage, or University stating that the applicant has been accepted for the upcoming term.

C. A letter from the Detachment Adj/Paymaster attesting to the fact that the applicant's parent(s), guardian(s), grandparents or members (s) sponsoring said applicant are members in good standing of the Detachment. 

D. A letter from the applicant (not more then three pages) with a brief life history and the reason for seeking the scholarship to include high school or Collage honors, school, Community, Chuch or other extracurrilar activites. (Transcripts of grades are not necessary but preferable which may be attached to the application.)

E. If this is a follow on application for the second or subsequent year and you are awarded the scholarship, the Department requires a transcript indicating a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above (on a 4.0 scale).

F. There may or may not be an interview.

Submission Deadline:

1. All applications for scholarship must be submitted to the Department Adj/Paymaster on or before August 1st of each year.

2. Application can be recieved through the Department Adj/Paymaster or your own Detachment.

Application can be mailed to:


Department of Maine

Marine Corps League

Please check for name of Adj and mailing address on page, one as this may change.

Award of Scholarships:

1. The goal of our Department scholarship is to award a minimun of one $500.00 scholarship each year that we recieve applications from students who meet all of the eligibily requirements. From all of the applications, the best applicant will be selected by the scholarship Committe (composed of a board of at least three League members NOT to include the Department Commandant). A personal letter will be sent to the recipient's home address (as given on application) on or about September 1st.

2. Scholarship Chairman will have check made payable and sent to the school, collage, or University registrar/bursar selected by the recipient upon submission of  transcript of grades to the Scholarship Chairman attesting to the completion of the first term/semester with a minimum 3.0 GPA (B). Official transcripts are preferred but unofficial transcripts will be accepted.

3. All decisions reached by the Scholarship Committee are final.

4. It is the intent that this scholarship be an annual program. However, the length of the program and the amount awarded will necessarily be determined by the amount available to the Department for this program and the other programs supported by the Department.